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It does not matter what kind of computer you have, everyone can do a couple of things to ensure they don’t get infected with a virus, trojan, etc., and keep their systems running smoothly.  The number one thing you can do to avoid having to repair your computer is keep your anti-virus software up to date.  This means if you don’t have it, you can download a free basic version (there will be some links at the end of this document) or buy a paid version.  The most important thing you can do once it is installed is to make sure that it is running and kept up to date.  If you have a paid version and your license is coming up for renewal, don’t wait until the last min to renew.  Renew it a bit early to make sure you don’t get into a situation where your anti-virus license is expired and you are no longer getting updates.  Updates are the lifeblood of your anti-virus system and the moment you stop getting updates the increase in the possibility that you will get infected and this means a call to a computer repair company like ours.

Why is it important not to get infected

If your system gets infected all kinds of bad things can happen to you and your computer:

    1. Your system can get infected with new viruses
    2. People infect your system and get your websites, your computer system, and your bank passwords. Which gives them access to your MONEY!
    3. They can also encrypt your whole computer and all of your data and charge you to get back access to it.
    4. They can also get access to everything on your computer, your tax documents, all your documents (word, excel, PowerPoint), and all of your email.
    5. Lastly, they can also get access to all your pictures … in case you forgot, that means if you took any questionable pictures they get to see those too.  And potentially blackmail you with them.

Keeping your OS (for you windows people, that is windows 7 (if you are running this you should be upgrading), Windows 10, Windows 11)) up to date too.  The key way most hackers get access to your system and data is by not updating the software on it on a regular basis and that starts with your operating system.  software makers come out with updates to patch flaws in their software and that means you will need to update the software on a regular basis.  That means don’t delay any operating system update more than a day and if possible do it as soon as possible when the request pops up.  Its a good idea to make sure the other software you are running on your system also gets updates too.  If you need help with any of this contact our computer repair remote support group.

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